There are many reasons to start a new pooper scooper business. In my case, it was because of three prior companies that I worked for, closing down. It was that point in time when I realized that I didn’t want to work for anyone else again and that I didn’t want to depend on someone else to make a living. I was given the idea to start a dog poop pick up business from my friend’s mom and I thought to myself, “I can do this!’ And I did. For over 25 years I have been in the pet waste industry, servicing hundreds of customers on a regular basis.

Since I am one of the longest running pooper scooper companies in the industry, I have answered questions from hundreds of people all over the country who wanted to start a pooper scooper business. I even helped people in my own backyard start their own scooping company. Over the years there has been one underlying theme to the questions that I’ve been asked… “How much money can I make scooping poop?” My answer is always the same… “As much as you want.” Then I add my own caveats. “It all depends how much work you’re willing to do and how much time you devote to the business and finally, what kind of resources you have to work with.”

Most of the time people think they can just print up a few hundred business cards and flyers then proceed to take wheelbarrows full of money to the bank. It’s not quite that simple. Starting any business is hard work, especially a dog poop pick up business. You have to do your research, set your goals, think of a great name, form a legal business, get licenced, (if required) develop a business plan and most importantly… execute the plan! This is where most start ups fail, they don’t plan, or they don’t plan properly. My book, The Professional Scoop Master, was written as a guide to help people start and run their own pooper scooper business. In the book, I outline step by step on how to perform most of the tasks necessary to do your own research, set your own goals, construct your own business plan and everything else you need to do to be a success in your own pooper scooper business.

And I don’t stop there! I also provide contact information so anyone can call me direct with questions they need answered, after reading the book. Not only that, but on my dime via my toll free phone number. You may get my voice mail, but you will never get a call center to someone else, who has never picked up poop, to answer your questions. You get me and only me, in person.

Starting a business can be stressful, time consuming, and difficult without the proper guidance. I hope to be able to make things a whole lot easier with my book and to help cut to the chase when it comes to planning, starting and running a business by giving real, useful information that will help anyone become a success. The rest is up to them!