You’ve found your new best friend, and you want to ensure you give him the very best care. In addition to a loving home, snuggly bed, healthy food and plenty of toys, you’ll want to have an extra layer of help as you navigate the world of pet ownership. Now, thanks to an array of apps, you can easily meet the demands of having a new dog and have it all right at your fingertips. Check out some of these stellar apps to help you both put your best foot and paw forward.

Pet First Aid: The American Red Cross in Your Palm

Monitoring your dog’s health will be a big part of your new world. Fortunately, the American Red Cross has your back with their Pet First Aid app. With easy access to health information for your pet, storable data for your preferred vet, and quizzes to get you up to snuff on proper pet ownership, you don’t need to fret about the right thing to do. Set up a profile for your pet,  and begin to discover new tips and information for your furry friend. The app can easily search the local area in case of an emergency, too, if you have an unfortunate need for a pet hospital.

Puppr: Teach Your Dog New Tricks

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a new dog owner is training. The Puppr app is designed with a systematic guide to help you train your dog and even pick up some cool tricks. There are over 50 dog tricks on the app ranging from basic obedience training to advanced moves. America’s Got Talent finalist, Sara Carson and The Super Collies, have ensured that each instruction is followed by an image that will help monitor your dog’s completed tricks and progress by earning badges upon completion of each session. The in-app shop also allows you to purchase treats, equipment, and training accessories directly from the app. Premium subscribers on the app have access to additional lesson packs and live chats.

Chewy: Pet Food Delivered

Chewy is your one-stop-shop app for all the dog supplies that you could ever need. The delivery app makes it easy to order food and supplies from thousands of brands. This is a must-have for new dog owners. The most interesting feature of the app includes creating a profile for your dog. This way the app can recommend the right food based on the breed. It also recommends other pet gear, such as toys with free 2-day shipping on orders above $50. You can also set up automated shipments for food, snacks, and toys based on your requirements and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Sweep and Go: The First App for Professional Pooper Scoopers

Although the preceding apps are dedicated to every dog owner, I had to ad one more app to this page for the professional scoopers. The Sweep and Go app to help you run your pooper scooper business.

Enable Your Field Technicians

  • Let field techs produce better work with less clicks.
  • Reduce time to coach new field techs.
  • Seamlessly sync field data with your scheduling, billing and payroll processes
  • Send real time cleanup notifications to your clients
  • Improve field staff safety with unsafe dog notices.

Head over to and check it out with a free trial. And, if you like the app and all it has to offer the professional pooper scooper, subscribe using the promo code PROSCOOPMASTER and get some really deep discounts!

The apps we’ve shared barely scratch the surface of all the available choices, but these are a good start. With a capable smartphone and a handful of super-helpful apps, you’ll be the savviest of dog owners in no time.