Over 25 years ago, I was closed out of my last job as a weldor and decided that I was never again going to rely on someone else for my income. I was 26 years old and that was when I started Scoop Masters Dog Poop Pick Up Service in Los Angeles, California. Since then I have talked to pooper scoopers from all over the country about how to start a dog poop pickup business and how to run their existing one. I’ve been on numerous talk shows like The The Arthel and Fred ShowSabado GiganteDespirita America, and Dr. Laura (Schlesinger) Live. I’ve been on games shows like What’s my LineI’ve Got a Secret, To Tell the Truth and several others, all because of my dog poop pick up business.

“I couldn’t even cash my first check… it was made out to Scoop Masters, but my name is Tim Stone!”

In 2001 I decided to write down everything I know about the dog poop business and put it in book form to sell to anyone who wanted to start a dog poop pick up service, but didn’t know where to start. The Professional Scoop Master – A Guide to Starting and Running You Own Dog Poop Pick Up Service is the result of that adventure and it only took me two years to complete. In it you can learn everything you need to know and do to start a successful pooper scooper business. I answer most of the questions that I’ve been asked over the years that I really took for granted. Like, “How do I register a business in my county?” “What kind of tools do you use?” And, “What kind of advertising do you do?”

Having been in business since 1988, I didn’t realize how many people simply didn’t know some of the basics of starting a business. I certainly didn’t know when I started. My first dilemma was cashing my first check. It was made out to Scoop Masters, but my name was Tim Stone! How in the world was I suppose to cash it?!? That’s when I went into my bank and asked them. I had to fill out a DBA, or Doing Business As, and register the business name with the County of Los Angeles then publish it in a local paper for 4 weeks. It was relatively painless to do, but never the less, many people don’t know how to do it and I wanted to help people avoid the excess time spent in trying to figure things out for themselves.

In my book, The Professional Scoop Master, I cover simple things like DBA’s and permits, up to the more complex details like Advertising and Marketing, (Yes! There is a difference.) Mission and Vision Statements, Goal Setting, Record Keeping, Estimating and tons of forms and samples. (Maybe that should be “sample forms” Yech!) Did I mention a sense of humor should be a prerequisite for starting a dog poop pick up service? It should be, that’s what makes it so much fun! While it may be written in a whimsical way, it is full of real, useful information without the fluff, and practical step by step actions to take that will help make anyone with enough drive to be a success.

Some Reasons to Start a Pooper Scooper Business:

  • Low start up costs;
  • Desire to work for yourself;
  • Tired of working for someone else;
  • Want to make more money;
  • Want to make supplemental income;
  • Limited people contact – Lot’s of dogs!