By Guest writer, Lauren McGee
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Nowadays, most marketing takes place online through social media, email, and many other forms of online advertisements. However, don’t overlook older forms of marketing that still hold up just as well in modern times. Today, Start a Pooper Scooper Business is here to help you diversify your marketing plan by incorporating some of these forgotten methods that utilize offline channels to great effect.

Offline Options To Build Your Brand

Creating and spreading your pooper-scooper brand doesn’t happen exclusively online. Offline corridors can be crucial in reaching out to your target market and building brand awareness, and work done away from the web can easily translate well to your online marketing efforts. Take a look at some classic marketing options necessary for successfully building your brand.

Use Business Cards

Business cards remain one of the most effective ways of marketing your business. Always carry a business card as it provides potential customers with a lasting impression, giving them something tangible to remember you by. Creating a business card can be simple if you utilize pre-made templates that you can customize with images, colors, fonts, and text to fit your preferences. Remember to choose the right colors and fonts to ensure readability, and use quality card stock. And if you’re starting a pooper-scooper business, have a little fun with the design — within reason, of course.

Put Up Flyers and Yard Signs

In addition to flyers and brochures, other forms of print media, such as stickers, posters, and sticky notes, can be beneficial to your marketing efforts. These methods have the advantage of being versatile, as you can place these objects wherever you want to guarantee that potential customers see them. Try using these low-cost methods alongside other forms of guerrilla marketing to boost your brand’s exposure.

Create a Compelling Slogan

Creating a slogan is a must for ensuring your brand is the first thing on customers’ minds. A successful slogan should be short and to the point while also highlighting what makes your business different from others. A catchy and memorable slogan also pairs well with posters and flyers, making it critical for successful marketing. Again, if you’re starting a pooper-scooping business, have a little fun with the slogan. The catchier the slogan, the more likely people will remember your business when their yard needs some TLC.

Learn From Your Customers

One of the best ways to reach your target market is to poll your customers by asking how they discovered your product or services. This gives you valuable data that tells you which of your marketing methods is the most successful. This helps you determine where to focus your marketing efforts.

Connecting Offline and Online Marketing

Many offline methods translate well to online media, such as sending posters or other graphics in emails. Additionally, compelling graphics can form the face of your company’s image by serving as profile pictures on social media or forming the bulk of your website. For this reason, ensure your graphics are high-quality and communicate the message you want to market.

Diversifying Your Marketing Plan

Taking advantage of offline channels can bring great success to your marketing efforts. Don’t overlook many of these forgotten marketing methods, and diversify today to reach a much larger audience.

Starting a business requires a lot of hard work, and that work includes marketing your business and developing your brand. So, make sure you put in the effort — the success of your business depends on it! And when you’re ready to dive into the world of pooper-scooping, explore all the information and resources available on the Start a Pooper Scooper Business website.

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