If you read the previous two articles, (Part 1) (Part 2) then you may have realized that there are several ways to control odors from dog urine and other sources. Some are more practical than others and since I am writing this from more of a professional pooper scooper perspective, I will gear my recommendations to that end.

First the sniff off! Not on artificial grass, that was easy. This is the bathroom sniff test for my wife. Last time I mentioned that the whole bathroom smelled like bleach so we couldn’t really tell what worked and what didn’t. So we had to check it periodically and record our findings.

According to my wife, the bathroom “had an improved overall cleaner smell to it.” At least for a couple of days. I guess now I’ll have to clean the whole bathroom and see how long this “over all clean smell” lasts.


Oh, one more thing. I inserted another “control” just for the fun of it. You know what worked just a good as any of the products I tested? It’s…

My Recommendations for Odor Control


Urine Off claims to remove the urine odors at the source permanentlyimage of urine off odor control due to combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes to digest the uric acid crystals (which produce urine’s pungent aroma) as well as urea (the sticky substance in urine) and proteins (which promote pathogen growth). Their words, not mine. It is the only urine odor and stain remover that carries the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the U.S. Carpet Authority. Again, their words, not mine. Although I am more interested in odor control from dogs for dog runs and while this product seems to do the job, it isn’t permanent like they say since the dogs will continue to use the dog run as a place to relieve themselves. It is only permanent if you do not allow the dog to urinate in the area again.

That said, it is my number 3 choice, only because it is purchased already constituted and shipping water weight can get costly. It’s OK for home use by an individual, but for a professional pooper scooper that may offer this service as an add-on, it’s not cost effective.

Farm360 is a highly effective natural formula that breaks down organic waste and eliminates odor-causing compounds at the source. Once the powder formula is pre-activated with water, it works quickly to digest waste and other organic material, and to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria. Farm360 is long-lasting and particularly effective in eliminating strong odors. Yup, their words, not mine.

I like this product, I really do. According to the manufacturer, you just mix it, spray it and leave it. It’s harmless to animals and plants and is effective for odor control. This is my second choice for the professional pooper scooper for two reasons. One, it has to be pre-mixed then set aside for 2 – 4 hours, unsealed, before using it. That means you would have to time it just right for getting to your customer at the right time. And two, it never really seems to dissolve completely, leaving little bits of product floating around to clog up your sprayer. On the bright side, it can be purchased in concentrated powder form so you don’t break the bank on shipping costs.

That leaves my number one recommended product for pet odor control… Odormute!

odormute image

Odormute is a blend of natural enzymes that will eliminate any organic odor. The enzyme action of Odormute chemically changes the source of the odor and eliminates it. In a powder form, Odormute is easy to store and handle and maintains full strength for up to 5 years. It’s economical as well: 15 oz of powder makes up to 20 Gallons of liquid! As a powdered concentrate, mix Odormute to the desired strength to eliminate odor in kennels, on carpets, fabrics, clothing, upholstery, furniture – anywhere there is a pet odor.

For over 50 years, because it works! Guaranteed to work or your money back!

You guessed it, their words, not mine. However I do like the product. It’s easy to store, easy to mix on the go since it only has to be mixed 10 minutes ahead of time and it lasts for up to 4 hours. When I have an odor control customer on my route, I can mix it before I leave the office and by the time I get to the customer’s house, I just add the concentrated mix to my sprayer with the rest of the water and spray away. As long as it’s within four hours. If not, then I mix it later in the day, or if you really need to, mix it as soon as you get to the customer’s house, you only have to let it dissolve for 10 minutes. And the best part, it only costs about $2.00 per application.

So there you have it. A non government funded study about dog odors that only cost me about $42.50 and some time. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t mention that part just in case the government wants to pay me millions to do a study on dog odors.

Oh, one more thing. I inserted another “control” just for the fun of it. Again, didn’t spend millions of dollars on this study, but I also used, wait for it, HOT WATER. Plain ol’ hot water seemed to remove the urine stains just as much as the other cleaners I tested in my bathroom.

Oh well, so much for scientific studies!