Welcome to my site! My name is Timothy Stone and I’ve been in the Pooper Scooper business since 1988. Some may think I was a pioneer in this industry, but I know there were at least 5 other companies before mine. Kind of hard to tell since this was pre- internet. Fortunately, you have the benefit of being able to gather all kinds of information quickly and efficiently via the internet. That’s probably how and why you found this site… you want to start a pooper scooper business, or at least gather information on it. I’ll preface with the same advice I have given since about 1995, 7 years into the business and having been asked for this advice over a hundred times ever since. “This is a business! You have to treat it like one. It will not run by itself, it is not always easy to start, you will not take wheelbarrows full of money to the bank in the first year, if ever! The dog waste industry is just like any other business. You have to market it, advertise it, work it, manage it then work it some more. It takes time and dedication to be successful.” On the other hand, it is a fun business to be in. I really enjoyed going to my son’s elementary school and hear him tell people “My dad picks up poop.” It usually took a little explaining to help them realize I did this for a living. Working 4 or 5 hours a day and making a full time income was pretty handy too. It allowed me the time to go to all of my kid’s sporting events, school activities, a few of my own sporting events, and to volunteer at my church teaching Sunday school and children’s ministries. My intent is to not only drive you to my home page and buy the manual, but to provide a forum to ask questions and get real, practical answers for your business growth. But until I figure out how this blog works, you can always visit my business resources page for general questions at www.scoopmasters.com/pooperscooperbusinesshelp/ I hope I can be helpful and informative. So browse around and If you’d like to ask a question about starting a pooper scooper service, feel free to email me or post a question here. (Or what ever page the question and answer plugin ends up on.) God Bless!