Choosing a good name for your new pooper scooper business should not be taken lightly. It’s important that your name projects what you do. Not only that, but your business name should be easy to understand. Allow me to explain. When I first started my dog poop pick up service in 1988, I actually went by the name, Scoop Masters K-9 Waste Removal Service. I thought it would be an easy, professional sounding name for my new business.

Here’s what I found out:

  • Surprisingly, most people I talked to DID NOT KNOW what a K-9 was! Just in case your of that crowd, it’s simply a shortened version of canine, or, of the dog family. In this age of internet acronyms, I’m sure more people know what a K-9 is. IMHO
  • Another commonly asked question… What do you mean by “waste”? I really wanted to sound professional and not crass by saying “crap”, “sh*t”, or “poop.” As it turns out, poop is actually the accepted term nowadays.
  • Even when I changed it to the current, “Dog Poop Pick Up Service”, people still ask me “what do you do?”

So why did some of the funniest names in the pooper scooper industry die out, while others still thrive?

For over 10 years as treasurer of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists, ( I’ve had the privilege of seeing first hand, all kinds of names for pooper scooper businesses as they registered for membership. Some are really cute, like “Pain in the Grass” and “Poopless in Seattle.” Others are more practical like “Poop Patrol” and “Super Duper Pooper Scoopers.” While I’m sure there are several other names that haven’t been thought of yet, the following list are my top ten favorites.

  1. Aww Crap!
  2. Squatt & Leavitt
  3. The Latest Scoop
  4. Yaba Daba Doo Doo
  5. The Great Poodini
  6. We Do Doo Doo
  7. Bib Adieu To Poo
  8. Dr. Doo-Litter
  9. They Poop We Scoop
  10. Rovers Leftovers

As crafty as these names are, I should point out that none of them are in business any longer. So, if you want to start a pooper scooper business and you’re struggling for a good name, try one of those.

Not to leave anyone out of the picture, I do have my top ten list of favorite pooper scoopers that are still in business, and doing pretty well. (My own name not withstanding.)

  1. When Doody Calls
  2. Minesweepers
  3. In The Line Of Dooty
  4. Doodie Free Zone
  5. Yard Guards On Doody
  6. Wholly Krap!
  7. Poop, Scoop and Away!
  8. The Grand Poobah
  9. The Poop and Nothing but the Poop
  10. Scooper Man

So why did some of the funniest names in the pooper scooper industry die out, while others still thrive? You would have to hunt them down and ask them why they let their businesses go. I can only speculate. As I write some of my thoughts on this industry in the coming months, you will discover the answers to this question and several others, if you feel so inclined to know.