I’m sure you were waiting with bated breath on my test results regarding odor control. Well, here it is! But first, it was fun to see my wife sniff the walls and floors for the smell test. Hee hee.

OK, as I said in part 1, I sprayed the OdorMuteUrine Off and the Farm360 on separate surfaces and let them dry. Easy enough. I used my bathroom wall and adjacent floor, an area on my garage floor, (to simulate a dog run) and on my dog’s artificial grass potty. Of course, before I did any of this, I looked at all areas with an ultraviolet light to expose the stains. Think your bathroom is clean? Try looking at it with an ultraviolet light and see what you’re missing!

After it dried, we, (my wife and I) examined the areas carefully. Interesting discoveries. After about 5 or 10 minutes, (I told you last time this wasn’t going to be a 15 year study) we noticed that all areas now had a bluish look to them instead of the greenish/yellow. This must be the result of the chemical reactions to the deodorizers. That, or it’s growing into some kind of alien space mold. I have no idea – I’m not a scientists. The bleach and the Pine-sol were showing the same results. All five still showed signs of urine stains, although, not as much.

…”and I put my nose right up against the the grass! I opted not to “force” my wife to do it this time, after all, I do have to live with her.”

After a while, we repeated the process, but this time we wiped the area down with a cloth. The results? Amazing! The Farm360…clean, the Urine Off… clean, the Odormute…clean. But what about the control? Well, the Pine-sol was clean and the bleach was clean. Most of the greenish/yellow stains were gone, and I assume, the smell. So much for a control. Now for the fun part, having my wife sniff the areas. This was actually difficult to do since the whole room smelled like bleach. So what we decided to do was check it again in certain intervals, an hour, 2 hours, later that day, the next day, etc. More on that in part 3.

That first part was tested on tile and porcelain, now it’s time for the concrete and artificial grass, or what I like to refer to as real life dog run odor collection place. I just made that up. This was more up my alley since I can really smell the ammonia in the artificial grass. It’s actually placed in a small box frame, lined with plastic, so there’s really no drainage or air getting to the bottom side of the grass. I tested without lifting up the grass to simulate a backyard that has artificial grass that can’t be pulled up just to clean. I must admit, all three products did a great job in removing the smell from the grass! Before I applied the solutions, I lifted up the grass and the ammonia wafted up in my face and nearly made my eyes burn out of their sockets. A little exaggeration, but you get the point. All I did was apply the products to three different patches and left it there. I forgot to check it for the rest of the day, but the next day I lifted up the grass and NOTHING! And I put my nose right up against the backing of the grass! I opted not to “force” my wife to do it this time, after all, I do have to live with her.

As for the bare concrete floor, everything worked on that. And I didn’t use the Pine-sol or the bleach on the grass since my dog still has to use it. Didn’t want any chemicals left on it.

One more last minute experiment… cat liter boxes! Yes, I clean cat liter boxes and decided to try the deodorizers on them. Since I change them once a week, they have a good chance to build up that ammonia smell, and they did smell awful! I rinsed on with water, one with Farm360 and one with Odormute. The water was for my control and I didn’t have any Urine Off with me, or a fourth cat box to use. The water (control) still had a strong ammonia smell to it, so I now know that water alone does not get rid of the smell. The other two… fantastic! I sprayed both boxes and in just a few minutes, no more ammonia! I sure hope the cats appreciate all my “hard” work. Yeah, right.

Come back for part 3, the conclusion and my recommendations.